First things first. Congratulations.
You found your love, your lobster, the one you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with. What an amazing moment this is for you and I am truly happy for the joys that marriage has in store for you. No one says it’s easy and by-golly they are right. Marriage will stretch you in a way that only love can differenciate. And what a beautiful thing it is. The growth you will experience will be like nothing you’ve experienced before but you will be better for it. The way your heart will swell will be a feeling you can’t shake. The clichè saying, “ she makes me a better person” is a real thought you will go to in your mind when you reflect on how far love has brought you.

A wise woman (my mother) asked me for years, “Does he give you butterflies?” Finally she quit asking because she knew I found the one that does. “The butterflies in the beginning is what gets you through the hard times in the middle.”- My Mom

Enjoy your wedding. Enjoy your butterflies. They are God’s gift to us that show His wonderful character and Love for His children.

Send All Paperwork to:
1531 Baker St
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